Why I’m doing this

Life after university was a complete contrast to what I had conjured in my head. I imagined I would get a job straight after graduation, start earning a salary, move to my own apartment, get my own car etc. Instead, I found myself counting pennies to get by.  I did get a job about a year and a half later and started earning a salary but my financial situation didn’t really change much (shocking right?) This was due to my lack of my financial intelligence (yes I admit). I couldn’t save, I was living from pay check to pay check. Sometimes I couldn’t even make it to the next pay check so I had to borrow from friends and family when emergencies came up promising to pay them back from my next pay check.

Today my situation is much better and can be better still. Although I count pennies, I count them to plan for the future, not to survive in the present. Rather than just scraping through, I am geared towards creating wealth. This isn’t because I got hit on the head and suddenly possessed the secret to financial success (If that could happen, I honestly wouldn’t mind the pain, I take it like a boss, I think). Things improved because I have learnt and I am still learning from my painful mistakes and I have had words of wisdom imparted to me from various sources that have helped me through the difficult transition. I would like to share what little experience I have had with someone who is in a similar situation that I was in with the hope that it will help improve their financial situation and put them on the path to wealth creation. I also hope to reach out to someone who might not be in that kind of situation yet and prevent them from making the same mistakes I did so they can have a good head start.

I also hope to learn from you as you share your experience and contribute to this incredible journey of creating, using and distributing wealth.

Hi my name is Drew, pleased to meet you and welcome to Peconomics.

Creating Wealth