From Self Worth to Wealth

Wealth from self worth

It was the start of the school year in 2002, Martin walked into the classroom with his new pair of Air Jordans, you should have seen the way people swamped around him to have a look, throwing compliments here and there while at it. Before the summer break Martin was, well just Martin. Now Martin was the guy who looked and walked good all thanks to the transforming power of a pair of trainers. All of a sudden Martin was now cool. After seeing what had just happened I knew what needed to be done, and so did my other friends. We were going to come back after the next break and we were also going to be transformed. We were going to take our places among the pantheon of the cool kids. You can imagine how lively the next term was, things were going to happen.

This story is constantly being replayed irrespective of the demographic, the script may vary a little. We sometimes allow our external environment to enhance us, forgetting that we are the ones that should be defining and enhancing our environment. We allow our self worth to be dependent on how we are externally perceived and evaluated. This affects various aspects of our lives including our ability to create wealth.

I have come to learn that creating wealth depends more on the internal disposition of an individual than it does external factors.

We work so hard to look our best to please others rather than deciding to do so due to inspiration born from loving an accepting ourselves. This drives us to buy the expensive adornments even when we cannot afford them. So we stretch our finances to their limits in order to please others.

We buy the latest gadgets to feel good or to keep up with the technological trends, to be part of a movement and not be left behind. We strive to possess  things we are told we should own, and when we aquire these things we are left to carry the financial burden,  alone.

We live accommodations we cannot yet afford but could if we only we could just persevere for a while longer, be patient and first build a strong financial foundation . But in order to keep up with appearances we take premature steps that end up costing us more than we bargained for,  forgetting the simple but powerful truth: Rome even in its glory was not build in a day.

Imagine how much you could saved if you did not worry about what people thought about your dressing and you only bought cloths because you wanted to, at your own pace and comfort and not some else’s.

Imagine where could you better channel your time, energy, creativity and money if you were comfortable with yourself, loved yourself and didn’t concentrate on being part of a group to be worth something and so didn’t need to do anything to prove your worth to anyone.

What if you defined and followed your own trend and  pace,  understood and believed that it wasn’t the building you lived in that defined your happiness but rather people could turn ANY four walled construct into a loving home irrespective of what others thought?

I have learnt that to create wealth you will have to be comfortable with yourself. Love yourself. You need to realize that you have to go at your own pace and not the pace of others weaknesses i.e. if people will only relate to you when you dress a certain way, live in a certain neighborhood, reside within a certain type of building, own certain kind of gadgets, well that’s just too bad. For them. That’s telling on their state of mind and not your worth or destiny.Where you are now does not determine where you be tomorrow. Your external conditions do not dictate your self worth. Where you are today does not define where you can be tomorrow.

Next time your thinking of buying an outfit to feel good remember this: The outfit should be the one grateful you are wearing it. You are the one making it look good not the other way around.

The next time you think you need to move to a nicer apartment or neighborhood because you feel it will improve your standing, remember, any house you occupy should be grateful you live in it, your presence will turn it into a home, your neighborhood should be grateful you bring life and perspective into it. You are the reality changer for them not the other way around.

The people around you should appreciate you for who you are and the positive impact you will have in their lives and not place you in a box designed by material and superficial standards. You are more than a piece of cloth, an electronic device, a construct. We make these things. They do not make us.

When your self worth is not defined and controlled by these things I am certain you will also see an improvement in your life, your finances being one of them.

Have a blessed Day!!

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